Saturday, 24 April 2010




Ever thought of selling your kidney?...WAIT!

Ever thought about selling your kidney? Before you do…WAIT!

How much is my kidney worth?

£60, 000? (Guy in UK posted on Ebay, they closed the auction!)

$80, 000? (Saudi Arabian bought kidney for his sick son)

$150, 000? (Rich Israeli businessman bought for his ill wife)

$30, 000? (Is this, allegedly, the average cost of a kidney in the USA?)

£8, 000? (Is this, allegedly, the lowest ever paid for a kidney in the UK?)

The Discussion.

As you can see, the prices vary, but WAIT!, Why do people feel the necessity to go on what can sometimes be a journey across continents, through many countries, to buy a healthy human kidney.

USA: According to the National Kidney Institute (NKI), there are over 60,000 Americans currently waiting (dying) to get a new kidney.

These people wait desperately for young Americans to perish and give away their organs. These patients are currently suffering and living only through a kidney dialysis machine. (These machines, by the way, according to the NKI, cost the government 18 billion dollars a year!).

Most, not all, kidney patients would pay absolutely anything for a functioning kidney. So, we live in a free-market, capitalistic society, right?

I currently have two functioning kidneys. If I get very down on my luck, and I want to donate one of my kidneys to save another life, and maybe pocket a pretty penny or two, why should the government stop me?

I can just hear the critics yelling, “It’s un-ethical!”, “It is immoral”. So?

When did the government get to decide what is gross and immoral? That’s my job. As for it being referred as “cannibalistic”, let me ask you this………if my sister gets ill, I have a right to donate my kidney to her. Is that cannibalism?

The Dilema.

However, after a 1984 law introduced by your Albert Gore passed 396-6, giving my sister one of my kidneys is benevolent, and yet giving my kidney to an ill neighbour is a felony.

So, hyperthetcially what if I marry that ill neighbour? I mean, she is hot, I’ve always had a crush on her, I know everything about her, as she does me, probably better than my actual family do, so why do I have to go through the whole process of getting hitched to her just to give her my healthy kidney to offer her the potential chance of a new life?

I agree that the role of government is to protect it’s people? Protect us from bad drinking water, from crime and terrorism etc.

Who is the government protecting on this one? The Bible belt? The law is not going to be changed anytime soon. I just feel this is a time when I agree with social conservatives/libertarians that argue that sometimes our governments across the globe becomes too activist.

If you don’t like gay marriage, don’t have one or attend one…simple, right?

If you don’t like sick kidney patients buying healthy kidneys from willing donors, that’s ok, it is your human right to have that opinion. However, but then suddenly, ‘out of the blue’, you yourself get sick, and then have to wait on the donor list, with the other kidney patients, what would you do then?

Would you stop shouting “cannabalism”, “immorality” and willingly pay for a healthy kidney that identically matches yours?

We at attempt to try and give a fair and balanced opinion, see our ‘Special Report’ at the website.

We think there are alternatives to getting your hands on that cash, which are regulated and legal. However, we also understand the desire and urgency felt by kidney sufferer’s.

What do you think? Should it be legalised?